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How Affordable Housing Finance Has Become The Home For Million Of Homebuyers

How Affordable Housing Finance Has Become The Home For Million Of Homebuyers

The instance of affordable housing for middle and lower-income groups in urban families has been done extensively by the central government. Affordable housing scheme allows homebuyers to own a house at an affordable price. However, affordable housing has proved to be a boon for millions of homebuyers who want to buy a house but need more material resources to invest in projects. 

Rajesh K Saraf, MD, Axiom Landbase commented that the economic headwinds like unemployment and recessionary fear are getting high. So homebuyers only prolonged their residential purchases for a short period of time. It is where Affordable Housing Finance plays a vital role in Housing Finance in incentivizing homebuyers with monetary help to finalize the home-buying process. 

He further added that the affordable housing demand has witnessed a tamped-down demand in supply as well as launches. However, the demand has witnessed a nosedive due to the growing home price listings. 

As per Ashwani Kumar, Pyramid Infratech, affordable housing is going to help low-income sections and economically disadvantaged groups with financial resources to buy and build homes. It will also help them to afford a roof over their heads. 

Affordable housing is also contributing to the revival of affordable housing markets by bringing its traditional buyers to the investment zone. It will lead to a perception shift in favor of  affordable and mid-housing, said Kumar 

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