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Kherki Toll Plaza to Shift in 6 Months, Manohar Lal Khattar

Kherki Toll Plaza to Shift in 6 Months, Manohar Lal Khattar

CM Manohar Lal Khattar has recently made an announcement that plaza will get shift from its current location in next six months. This was a long anticipated move that is expected to bring relief to lakhs of residents and industrialists.

Mr Khattar has made this announcement while addressing industrialists and residents at some event in Manesar. CM Khattar has said that land acquisition for shifting of toll plaza has been done. It should be done within next 6 months. The toll plaza has become a spike in city’s side as it makes residents pay a tax for commuting within the millennium city. This has aroused the feeling of conducting protests by those living in the new sectors. The reason behind the occurrence of protests is that Gurgaon’s urban limits have expanded multiple times over the years along the expressway and toll plaza.

Mr Khattar has also mentioned that besides shifting the toll plaza, metro connectivity between Gurgaon and Manesar was under construction. Business industrialists further added that Gurgaon was losing out to Noida owing to connectivity issues and the toll plaza. Mr khattar has further added that “we have acquired land for the metro and we will develop this Rs 8,000 crore project for which work will start soon”. This announcement will ensure that the work will progress on a war footing and it is expected that the deadline will be met soon. There are several obstacles that came in the way of the toll plaza shift from Khekri Daula to Pachgaon. Also, there was traffic conflict owing to the propsed rapid rail station near the proposed toll plaza site. In 2019, the Punjab and Haryana government enabled the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure development Corporation to take hold of 50acres in Pachgaon for shifting the toll plaza and creating a transit hub.  As per NHAI official, “ There are multiple issues with shifting. We want encumbrance free land. We need to assess the traffic mobility and feasibility of having a toll plaza at a point where multi modal transit hub is planned and villagers are raising demand for multiple underpasses.

As stated by GMDA  official, We have offered land NHAI. There is some litigation in some parts of land. A committee was formed to resolve the same and it has submitted its inputs to the state government”.

According to MCEPL, Pachgaon is beyond its jurisdiction area and if the toll plaza is shifted there, it won’t be able to manage it to recover the amount spent on constructing the highway.


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